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"All the arts are the greatest of the arts - the art of living on earth."
Bertolt Brecht
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International Club "The Art of Living"

We want to create a club of like-minded, united by a common desire - to master the art of living civilized life to the fullest and be able to enjoy it. We want to base our club, "The Art of Living" to build an innovative structure of the socio-economic relations, in which club members could address the vital issues on the basis of mutual education of good taste, morality and ethics. People now it is vitally important.

Club members will be given a substantial discount in shops, restaurants, travel and other partner companies, they will be able to get legal, economic, medical and other advice, enjoy the preferential right provision in the apparatus of the society, members of the club to offer products and services for a fee, as well as address many other issues.